Pu-erh 3 year vintage


Pu-erh 3 year vintage


Tea Grade: Pu-erh 3 year vintage

Caffeine / Antioxidant Level: High / Medium

Tea Region: Yunnan Province (China)

Cup Characteristics: Toasted bread highlights with elemental and earthly notes

Weight: 100g

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From cheese to wine or classic movies, older things can often feel more satisfying, both physically and spiritually, than their younger counterparts. So it is with pu-erh tea. Manufactured from maocha, a type of mostly unoxidised green tea grown in China’s Yunnan province, offers numerous health benefits and round earthy flavour that gets better with age. Once fermented, the best peers are aged like fine wine in the cellar of a French chateau. The result is an Earthy, musty character that sets the tea apart from its younger competitors. Capping off the benefits of aging that goes into pu-erh, is research that appears to indicate the tea’s ability to reverse s0me of the effects of aging itself. According to practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, aged pu-erh has the ability to induce weight-loss, fight cancer, protect kidneys and ward off many other of the causes or early mortality.

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100g, 3x100g


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