Mountain Dragon Green


Mountain Dragon Green


Tea Grade: Mao Feng Special

Caffeine / Antioxidant Level: Low / Ultra High

Tea Region: Yunnan Province (China)

Cup Characteristics: Full flavoured green tea roars gently with light bakey notes, grass and subtle eucalyptus.

Weight: 50g

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Legend has it that centuries ago, a tea artisan was working in the hills on Yunnan was set upon by bandits. After beating him, the bandits stole an entire season’s worth of tea. The artisans cries went unanswered, his pleas dissipating into the thick forest. Drifting off to sleep he decided in the morning he would make his way down the hills for aid. That night, a dragon come to him in a dream. He told the artisan if he wanted help he should rise and make his way to the top of the mountain. Pleased by his obedience the dragon took the artisan on his back and set out for the bandits. With one fiery blast, the bandits were reduced to a pile of ash, and the sacks of tea were saved. The artisan decided to blend this tea in honour of the dragon and used safflower petals to represent the fire of the dragons flame.

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50g, 3x50g


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